As a gardener I hate squirrels. They dig up newly planted flowers. They dig holes in patio boxes to bury food. And to top it off, they started eating our peppers before they ripen!

I am no longer a violent person, but many times if guns were legal in town, and I had one, I’d use it on those rodents.


Squirrel! (Photo credit: epc)

They sit in the middle of the bird feed and gorge themselves while the poor little birdies sit and watch.

Squirrels represent the worst of what eating the forbidden fruit in Eden did to the world.

So yesterday Mother calls me into her apartment to see something outside. There in the front cedar, hanging by its back feet only, a black squirrel happily munched away upside down on the seeds in its paws.

Well, despite everything I just said above, that scene truly rated high on the “makes you laugh” scale.

Okay, God, I get it.

In all the crap of life and the persecution and abuse, my attitude still decides what effect it has on me.

But couldn’t You have used something other than a squirrel to teach me that?