So I got to work last night and the fragrance of newly placed animal waste wafted over the area. Now since some of my genes (or is that spelled jeans?) include an agricultural interest that smell did not constitute a deadly nuisance.

A lot of things in this world stink. 

Child nose

Child nose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The beauty lies in the nose of the beholder (or is that the inhaler?). Mother and I as we drive someplace not only notice the odour of manure, but even can identify which animal made it. That drives my wife to comment, and not actually complimentary, though never insulting.

Perfume to one person smells wonderful (like “Tigress” which my wife wore very early in our getting to know each other and which still provokes the most pleasant of memories). Other people find their airways close up and they gasp for pure air.

Then comes the other common smell from work. (I do work outside, if that didn’t come across as obvious.)


Skunk. In the last week that natural scent has invaded my nose space four times. Some dumb dogs? cats? At a distance that nasal tingler is quite tolerable. Now I have seen the little black waddler with the white stripes only once. We get along fine. I respect its space. It keeps its spray to itself.

I wonder if sin has a stink in the nostrils of the Saviour? If so, God must go through a lot of heavenly air freshener!

For myself I hold firmly to the intention never to get used to the stench of sin and evil. I want my life to be a sweet-smelling sacrifice to Creator.

And if I cause a stink, may I get out the deodorant soap of confession and the rinse of repentance and the toweling of divine forgiveness faster than it takes a skunk to fill the night air with “hey, you made a mistake and here’s the consequence” stink.

So, do you get up God’s nose? Or are you a sweet scent sent by the Saviour?