Some Bible verses possess obvious teaching and potent value. Consider these two verses from Proverbs:

“Whoever ignores discipline despises self,
but the person who listens to warning gains understanding.
The fear of the Lord is discipline {leading to} wisdom,
and humility comes before honour” (Proverbs 15:32-33 God’s Word).

So you don’t like someone else pointing out your sins? And then you attack the very voice sent from God to discipline you. You don’t care enough about your soul and eternal matters to deal correctly with such words.

One must learn humility, and remain in that spiritual condition, if one will receive honour. Now that honour comes from God and lasts forever. I do not refer to flattery or promotion or recognition from humans. That often has nothing to do with honour, but more to do with “politics”.

The image of Saul and David comes to mind. Both served as Kings of God’s people, Israel.

Whenever David sinned and God called him on it, he repented and humbled himself before God. Look up 2 Samuel 12 as one example, the account of Nathan the prophet bringing God’s word in judgment on David for his guilt of lust, adultery and murder, not to mention misuse of regal authority.

Saul, on the other hand, rejected humility. When Creator disciplined him he made excuses, a flagrant display of arrogance every time such a choice comes up. Read 1 Samuel 13 and 15. In the first chapter Saul acts as priest because Samuel didn’t come when Saul expected. God rejected Saul’s dynasty. In the second story Saul keeps some of the booty (the best) contrary to the command of Almighty God. When Samuel disciplines Saul for this, Saul makes up an excuse of bringing things for God to have (which was also a lie).

Don’t hate yourself, or God.

When you sin and it takes someone else to point it out, be wise and humble. No excuses.

Remember, one unrepented sin too quickly leads to another. Then you start to drown in your own carefully crafted cesspool of sin, enclosed behind a fence of arrogance.