Truth often explodes out of fiction, and Jean de La Fontaine (July 8, 1621 – April 13, 1695) rates high. In his A Hundred Fables one finds the fable, “The Wolf Accusing the Fox”. The monkey acts as judge and makes this ruling:

“And hence I fine you both -…
You wolf, in short, as bringing groundless charges.
You fox, as guilty of it.”

I choose not to count how often innocent people have suffered terribly at the hands of false accusers using gossip, slander, and perverted tales.

In a just world such accusers would be convicted of their sin. That part rarely happens. When it does the conviction demands certain action which cannot be enforced.

But the fox, targeted simply because there was a bull’s eye painted on him, becomes victim of malice and pre-meditated sin.

In the Spirit the first conviction is certain and inescapable. When a person stands in front of the True Judge of the universe, Jesus Christ, no political alliance or allegiance, no smooth talking or back-stabbing or backroom manoeuvring can get the unrepentant destroyer off the hook. The false sense of safety arising from such escapes from true justice in the flesh will be stripped away leaving the guilty totally exposed.

In the Spirit the second conviction will be overturned. While it would delight me to say it happens within religious groups regularly, the facts do not live up to the hope. Yet when a person endures their undeserved sentence their soul finds a peace and hope that no abuser can know. Standing before the True Judge such an innocent will be pardoned by a court which can never be appealed. The pain of the injustice will fade in the glow from the Light of the World.

Why does it work that way?

The Bible makes it clear that Satan is the ruler of this world. Satan has followers who mirror their boss, Apollyon and Abaddon, Destroyer in Greek and Hebrew languages.

I watched once as people around the world, literally, prayed for the release of a demon-possessed person. I saw the demon rising out, defenceless against the prayers of the faithful. And then I saw the person grab the lying spirit and pull it back. The power and harm possible with that demon inside held more attractiveness than serving the True Judge of the universe. That image still haunts me, and I pray that one day freedom will come.

The suffering of the innocent who serve Jesus and remain faithful to the end began after the fall of humanity and continues through history.

In Jesus we see the ultimate example of innocence suffering for the guilt that belongs to others. If Jesus can do it for the whole world, should I not endure it for the few I encounter?