So I was thinking about Daniel.

He was doing an excellent job. Others in the same field grew jealous. Now they didn’t take a refresher course, seek out good advice or discipline themselves to improve. They schemed to unseat Daniel. His only Achilles heel sat in his faith. So they manipulated the powers that be to pass a law making Daniel’s kind of faith a social crime.

Daniel could not betray God, so continued the faith life that was normal for him. As the apostles experienced it, “The chief priest questioned them. He said, “We gave you strict orders not to mention Jesus’ name when you teach…Peter and the other apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than people” (Acts 5:27-29 God’s Word).

To save face, the powers that be condemned Daniel for loyalty to Jehovah. The sentence was death.

In this case God’s plan needed Daniel to survive. In the end the manipulators were put to death.

We may not see that kind of divine retribution here on earth, but it comes.

Is this not one of the reasons the people of Jesus pray for enemies? Those who do evil are at risk of eternal death.

Love enemies, even in the midst of your anger and hurt. Love enough to care about their souls.

There’s a lot in that. Tough, but true!