A fool starts out by talking foolishness and ends up saying crazy things that are dangerous” (Ecclesiastes 10:13 God’s Word Translation©).

While reading “Rationality” by Steven Pinker (2021) this truism haunts me:

It seems the most opinionated people are the ones who know the least about the topic being discussed.

Are too lazy to study and research;
Willfully dismiss any information which challenges their opinion;
Base conclusions on their ideology instead of the facts;
Swallow conspiracy theories which tickle their ears;
Blindly follow anyone who inflates their egos;
Are awed by teaching which is complicated and full of special elite knowledge;
Are loyal to those who condemn others and justify this immoral and anti-social behaviour.

I turned my attention to study, to explore, and to seek out wisdom and the reason for things. I learned that wickedness is stupid and foolishness is madness” (Ecclesiastes 7:25 God’s Word Translation©).