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Story of the Snowpants

The lined weather pants I wear to work keep my legs warm against the cold weather of the night shift. But sometimes the site has more mud than a normal person can even imagine. At those times the pants get caked in muck from the knee down. The legs get wet from the ankle down as they drag in the puddles.

The weight from wet and mud can actually pull the waist lower than suits the situation. Then I tie the string a little tighter after hiking them up a little higher.

But what ever dirt, moisture or dust gathers on the snowpants one thing remains unchanged – they remain snowpants. Read more…

When God Ran

Joe Quatrone, Jr. wrote an article on May 11, 2012 referring to the prodigal son. His point reminds the reader that we, as adopted into the family of God (Romans 8:15), become real family. Amazing in itself, it multiplies with significance because the “natural” Son Jesus not only has no jealousy toward us, but looks for more people to adopt in! I add these thoughts: Read more…