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Pure as New Fallen Snow

Today autumn turned to winter. The scientists said so. This year, the weather agreed.

A winter storm blows across a large area of southern Canada and into the USA. For me, it felt good to have snow on the ground, even if we didn’t get hit hard by this storm system.

Fresh snow, when it covers the ground, creates an almost magical effect. It sparkles. Before human contact the clean surface builds a treasure for the eye. Read more…

Know God

I’m not a philosopher, but I had to take two philosophy courses in university. In one course we studied the argument about proving the existence of God. One of the arguments against the reality of God is that God is invisible.

In reality it’s not that God cannot be known through human senses. Rather, people want to keep God at arm’s length as an intellectual premise. That keeps us in control. Read more…

Novel Agents

If the spiritual life with Jesus was written as a spy novel, what character would you be?

Read more…