Poimen [Greek “Shepherd”] (Egyptian monk 340-450BC) said, “Water is naturally soft and stone is naturally hard. But let water drip continuously on a stone and it will erode. The word of God works the same way. It is soft and our hearts are hard, but if we hear the word of God frequently, it will open our hearts to reverence.”

Poimen the Great. Photo from Wikipedia

The words of God will transform our hearts into a reservoir of compassion.

The words of the world will petrify our hearts into apathetic fossils.

Do you feed your soul with profanity, vulgarity, immorality and personal pleasure through movies, television, online streaming, books, magazines, conversation and gossip?

Do you feed your soul with respect, faith, hope and profound heavenly love?

May the persistent love of God erode your pride and selfishness away and leave a heart of service like white sand.