Every encounter these days includes COVID-19.

I hear people complaining about other people who are not following the strict laws set out by our province of Ontario, and the federal government.

Then there’s the people who stand unconvinced that all this hard behaviour is worth the trouble, because they won’t get sick anyways.

This is my thought, for those who follow Jesus. “Who has bewitched you?” (Galatians 3:1).

We do not save our society by following rules, as slaves to regulations, as blindly obeying laws. Christians, we will do everything we can, make every sacrifice possible, to protect people around us. Because we love them!!

I only know this, that if through some arrogance, lack of empathy, some stubborn streak or simple disregard for the well-being of anyone (everyone) I meet, that I should pass on this virus and they get sick – or die – I would suffer such personal agony as to be inconsolable.

This is how my wife and I choose to live, with love for all God’s children. We have decided to sacrifice our personal plans, wishes and desires to increase, with God’s help, the likelihood we can protect those in our town.

God is love. I love God. Therefor I will show my love by what I do, and don’t do, to see the best for my neighbours, strangers and friends in the midst of this pandemic.

Not by law, but by love.