What would Jesus do?

A moment of clarity was granted to me. When we ask that, and then pursue some behaviour or action that we deem to be Christ-like, we risk declaring that there is a single, and only one, response which everyone must do in any situation.

However, I might experience a situation as a call for a search for justice, while someone else would be moved to fall on their knees and pray. Yet another believer would stand and weep. Or a different person of faith might find where money could be given to deal with the problem. An evangelist might begin a call to salvation. A Martha might make lunch.

Source: Wikipedia

In other words, what God opened my eyes to is that what Jesus would do is what Jesus does. I cannot react as Jesus would because I am too small. The Spirit will lead me to contribute to the resolution according to my faith, but what I do is not the whole of what is needed.

Now, if you haven’t read the novel “In His Steps” (the full title adds “What Would Jesus Do?”), I would recommend it. In this fiction each person finds a different way to live love, serve God, lift up Jesus and follow The Spirit. The “right” way to react is pictured as the result of discerning the will of God. The demand goes far beyond a cultic search for the one answer to memorize or do by rote.

The question is not what Jesus would do without me present, but what Jesus does with me in the present to present the present of compassionate kindness like only God can show.

The real question is, “What would Jesus have me do”? And then exercise our faith and, “Do it”!