Prayer does not change God’s mind – it changes ours. (eg. Abraham and Sodom, during which Abraham kept changing the limits of his request until he finally gave in to God completely, in Genesis 18:17-33.)

Why do we always pray for our comfort to be restored? Always for healing, not grace to live lovingly in the midst of our trouble. Or we pray for what we want, not discerning what God has planned.

Camp Meeting at Old Orchard 1879, found in National Portrait Gallery

“That which is often asked of God, is not so much His will and way, as His approval of our way” (S. F. Smiley).

I prayed that I would sleep as I prepared for night shift. God said twice to rely on the Divine rather than sleep, but I still sought for sleep. At least three times I did not get enough sleep and yet I got through the shift.

The lesson: God made the universe. The rules of physics, biology, chemistry rely on God, not the reverse. More and more I am being pushed to rely on Jesus in radical ways that transcend human understanding (well, mine, at least!).

…”when you pray, is it with boldness and confidence or presumption and impertinence?
Whenever we want to ask a favour of someone we do it humbly and respectfully for fear that we would offend with our tone or attitude? Praying is asking favour of God and so when we pray we should be mindful of whom we are speaking with. We should not pray demanding God keep the promises of scripture or respond because we asked in His son’s name? We should not pray ONLY when we have our back up against the wall? We should not enter into prayer reminding God that he allowed the circumstance to exist and therefore should fix it…” (MCF January 14, 2015: (