Usually I update language of older writings, but this seemed better left unedited. If anyone cannot quite follow this add a comment and I will publish a modernized version.

WHOSBOSS” ‘My soul, wait thou only upon God.’ Thou will not find many who can help you in this. Enough there will be of thy brethren to draw thee to put trust in churches and doctrines, in schemes and plans and human appliances, in means of grace and divine appointments. But, ‘My soul, wait thou only upon God Himself.’ His most sacred appointments become a snare when trusted in. The brazen serpent becomes Nehushtan; the ark and the temple a vain confidence. Let the Living God alone, none and nothing but He, be thy hope …Never forget the two foundation-truths on which this blessed waiting rests. If ever you are inclined to think this ‘waiting only’ is too hard or too high, they will recall thee at once. They are: your absolute helplessness; and, the absolute sufficiency of thy God” (Andrew Murray, Waiting on God!, Day 31, 1894).