Over the last while I have observed something. Even a single book of the Bible is enough to live by.

HEARTFIREWhat I mean is that each book is so potent, God is so present, the truth revealed so overwhelming, that if I had only one Bible book it would be enough for a lifetime of study, guidance and faith-building.

Now we need all the books because we are all in a different place in our journey of faith. Certain images and stories strike each person in a different way.

Yet I find day after day the deep, dense, power of meaning in a single story in a single book can pierce into the furthest recess of my soul and bring a glaring light of revelation.

For example, I just read Philippians Chapter 1. If people of faith had even verses 9 and 10 it would be enough to stir us to faithful living.

“I pray that your love will keep on growing because of your knowledge and insight. That way you will be able to determine what is best and be pure and blameless until the day of Christ” (Philippians 1:9-10 God’s Word©).

Love – deep God-like compassion, not superficial, conditional companionship

Growing – get deeper and deeper into acting like God wants

Knowledge – learning, studying, spiritual dialogue and discussion

Insight = discernment – testing the spirits, active faith rather than passive spectator to religion

Choose: the “best”, not the easiest, the “pure”, not what you can get away with, “blameless” rather guilty means confession and forgiveness

Until “the day of Christ ” , the time promised when Jesus will return as Judge, and test the faith and life of each person, so does Jesus have a case against you?

Now, if I lived that each day, wouldn’t I fulfill the Great Commandment to love God, my neighbour and myself honourably, “For the glory and praise of God” (verse 11b)?