Well, I haven’t written anything for a long time. And before that my posts have been meagre in number.

It is not for lack of things to write about. What do I write when there is so much to write about, is the question.

The protest at Standing Rock in South Dakota against a pipeline.

Just yesterday I read that after all this time genetically modified food crops have not increased yields.

The drought in East Africa borders on a humanitarian crisis.

The ongoing horrors in Syria, the battle for Mosul, violence in Pakistan, geographically concentrated suicides by young people in Canada, government organized terror in Turkey and the Philippines, the insane campaign for the presidency of the United States that defies description…

It is all more than can be processed by a human brain.

So let me re-boot my soul.

The 5 of us on African elephants in Zambia

The 5 of us on African elephants in Zambia

There, now what can I do in my sphere of influence to be the light of Christ?

Our daughters took my wife and I to Africa to celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary. I may have a lot to say about that, but this is what fills my memory.

Some of you may know the Cross of Christ blog. I have followed it since early 2014. The writer lives in Tanzania. When I told him of our trip he replied that he would take the 6-hour bus trip to Arusha to meet us!

So then we decided to take a love gift with us. Then others heard about it. What we took was 4 suitcases, (90 kg, nearly 200 lbs.)! In the end we saw gifts go to 3 orphanages, 1 school, 2 groups of pastors, a congregation and supplies for a youth event that draws 700 young people!!

4 suitcases

4 suitcases

So we didn’t stop terrorism or feed millions or save some part of our environment.

All we did was what God was able to do with us and those who showed their concern.

We call it another “loaves and fishes” miracle, God taking what was available and multiplying it to meet a bigger need.

I was overjoyed to meet Mwita in person. I was humbled by God’s abundance.

Above all I was reminded that this is not my battle, but it belongs to The Real Boss. And it flashed back into my mind that the anonymous widow who gave her two cents worth, being all she had, has been memorialized forever because Jesus saw it.

And that is enough.