“A person may think their own ways are right, but the LORD weighs the heart” Proverbs 21:2

MCFPlanDo you suffer from spiritual avarice? That is to say, you seek the pleasure that comes from doing things spiritual. You read all the key books, partake in several Bible studies, read as much Scripture as you can and set aside time several times a day to pray. You do these things to enhance your spiritual journey yet you still feel emptiness. Do you get pleasure from crossing off another spiritual discipleship book from your reading list? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with whoever will listen and pride yourself on getting up in the early hours to pray each day? Do you feel good when you make check marks in your calendar to show the days you read Scripture? All these activities seem to be the right things to do while on a spiritual journey, however, we must be careful that it is not the doing that brings our joy. We need to take the time to sense God in these activities, letting Him change our heart and mould our soul. We need to be intentional to know more about God but we also need to be content with whatever spirituality we are given by Him. We need to wait for God to develop us during these activities and not to try to change ourselves by doing them.

crossThese thoughts are shared because it seems that as we draw closer to Easter the conversations about “what we gave up for Lent” increases. There is great joy in speaking about the sacrifices that were made but there seems to be no talk about how it changed the speaker. Scripture shares that it is not the act that God adores but the heart attached to it. Will you continue with your spiritual activity but slow down and listen for God?

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