And so it comes down to this. Why do I blog?

I like to get likes, but even more to get comments which help me focus on what I missed, or be affirmed I got it right.

Our yard nativity 2014

Our yard nativity 2014

But, if I was where I should be in living my faith, I would blog only because God gave me something to say. And even if I received no feedback it would not matter, if I had written down what God asked me to say.

When ministry was ripped away, and then clergy got my local column cancelled, blogging became the way for me to continue my ministry of planting seeds and proclaiming the supremacy of Jesus over any religious system. The message that Jesus is real, and not a doctrine, is more than just important.

But I am beginning to feel, after 440 blog posts, that I said my wad for God. Even the Bible is only 66 books long.

Maybe it is time to focus on my small world of face-to-face service. Perhaps the way I live, the way I decorate the house, the way I encourage friends and return to oblivion is a more mature way to walk with God.

“I am crucified…” (Galatians 2:20) can refer what to what religion did to me, to what God needs of me and what my attitude should be, and perhaps all that together is my life.