I’ve been out of blogging commission for over a week, but I’m back. It is now 3am and I have finally caught up with the blogs I follow, though I admit I couldn’t read everything that was written.

I got a job doing security at the CP Women’s Open Golf Tournament in London (Ontario). It was very interesting, but very difficult. As part of the Clubhouse crew I had a stationary post. That means standing – for a whole week.

My legs still have not recovered.

security-guard-1These things I observe:

1. Despite the agony in my legs and lower back I chose to be cheerful. If I can’t have fun, what’s the point, as I see it. So I connected with colleagues and staff at the site.

2. I did my assigned tasks and the supervisors noted their appreciation. If I made life easier for them, I did a good thing.

3. Since I was from out of town I stayed with friends, and what a delight to visit with them.

4. While I was away from home my wife chose to have a personal retreat. That doesn’t happen when your spouse is underfoot, so our separation had spiritual benefits. That sounds weird when I say it.

This time I am not going to connect the dots. I think there is a faith story, a spiritual lesson, a teaching about Jesus in all this, but you find it. I’m too tired.