Okay, I’m not prehistoric, but technology sometimes baffles me, sometimes leaves me in a state of wonder.

AwesomeGODFor example, sometimes I am able to work on my blog at odd hours. It fascinates me that in the middle of the night new articles appear from my blog family in Australia, or Africa. Or a comment appears from Eastern Europe or Asia when it is our sleep time. Indeed, some bloggers in my own continent can be active at the same odd times that I am at it. Blogland never sleeps.

People from all over the world stop by my blog. I knew English had become the international language, but it still amazes me the diverse places and cultures that can communicate in it.

I have connected with interesting people. Some are important people in politics, mission or authors. Others are unknowns like me. What a delight to share faith with people I only know because of their Blogland addresses.

Love GodNow blogging is very much a sideline hobby with me. I do not know how some of you do it, keep up with hundreds of followers and I don’t know how many other blogs. I have a low volume site and share with only a limited number of others, yet I can barely keep up.

There are still some things I would like to do with my blog that I haven’t figured out yet, things that others do on a regular basis. It fascinates me how creative bloggers are with such a variety of approaches, styles and character. My site looks pretty good only because I pay money for a premium template. Oops, I shouldn’t have let that out.

Who would have thought getting my column in the local paper unceremoniously dumped would have worked out to the glory of God and a new ministry and an expansion of my faith family?

GodIsLoveI’m not prehistoric, but technology sometimes leaves me in a state of wonder. I wonder how they do that? I wonder if I could get a hold on that? I wonder…

I don’t truly understand God any better than technology. I wonder if that matters? No, it couldn’t. I don’t have to understand God’s love to experience it.

And that only leaves me with the question, “I wonder why people get in such a twist about doctrine, beliefs, sectarianism, ritual when God is love?”