“…Father, forgive them. They don’t know what they’re doing…” (Luke 23:34 God’s Word ©).

I mostly thought the full impact and importance of what was happening at the cross is that the perpetrators were missing what was going on. You know, kind of going over their head.

1703646closedmindBut the more I think on this the more I am drawn to this as a literal statement. Literal.

Their minds were so closed, they were so wrapped up in religious loyalty, they were so intent on maintaining their power and influence and they were so scared of what would happen if people followed God radically instead of within the prescribed way promulgated by the religious elite (both clergy and laity) that they really, literally, did not know what they were doing.

Like a person in a rage doesn’t know what they are doing. Like a person full of racist attitudes doesn’t know what they are doing to folk of a different genetic make up. Like religious bureaucracy in western culture doesn’t know what they are doing when they deal with people in a business-like fashion.

5040034-jesus-christ-statue-in-crossReligious people acting without love, doing horrible things to God’s children because the ones with power, blinded by that power, can’t see what they do, and don’t know what they do.

Do you know what you are really doing? Are God’s children a treasure to you, to be treated with tenderest care? Or are the in-the-Spirit-thinkers a nuisance that need to be brought into line with your doctrine, theology and social norms?

I don’t know…

This Lent I am being led on a pilgrimage. I do not yet know if it is from persecution or to suffering or through both. Nevertheless the journey has begun.

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