Is it my age that makes time seem different?

In 2011 I worked long hours as a field supervisor for the Canadian census. After that I began to work security that has been mostly 10-12 hour shifts. When I work a 7 hour shift it feels like I hardly get started before I’m done. Or when I do patrol an hour post seems like it never happened it passes so quickly. It takes real concentration to watch the time when I have to do a regular phone check in with dispatch.


A Westclox Big Ben Clock

A Westclox Big Ben Clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Now I had been thinking that it means I have lost control over my life routine.

Then I thought again. Since I was very sick (nearly died with Crohn’s Disease about 10 years ago) I have felt like part of my soul actually lives outside the realm of the physical. Perhaps time is not passing more quickly, but has become less important. In heaven time will become totally  irrelevant.

How much time does God need to do something anyway? Maybe just the “twinkling of the eye”.

So we just stay in God’s will and watch the Creator rather than the clock.


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