When I die and stand before Jesus I am certain that my Saviour will not ask me what other people did to me or what they thought of me.

Did I do what is right? Did I use the gifts God gave to serve others? Did I hoard the things I had to live in this world or did I give water to the thirsty, food to the hungry, clothes to the cold, and visit the sick and imprisoned?

GOT2BEWhile I have a certain confidence that I have been faithful to the work of ministry and compassion that Jesus called me to, I can’t deny that what people did to me or said about me or thought about me based on gossip and slander keeps surfacing.

Weird that what I know in my soul gets trumped so often by what my physical self thinks on.

This important struggle comes up nearly everyday and it takes a conscious decision to focus on God instead.

I recently came upon another reminder and I thank God for it and for the work of Paraclete in my living. “A wicked person puts up a bold front, but a decent person’s way of life is his own security” (Proverbs 21:29 God’s Word).

Jesus will judge me by my “way of life”, not any “bold front” I might be tempted to put up.

This one thing I know – I would rather be persecuted for being true to Jesus than prosecuted for being unfaithful.

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