At work the thought flashed into my mind to ask people, “Have you seen a moon rise or a moon set”? Probably everyone has seen a sunrise and a sunset.

Tonight as the half moon rose about fifteen minutes after midnight I realized how blessed I am to work at night outside.

halfmoonThe moon rose with such beauty. It shone sparkling beams across the large areas of ice on the fields, remnants of the snow, rain and ice that fell in the storms of the last days.

It seems a metaphor for human belief. Have you seen God at work? If you saw it, did you believe it or explain it away, or just ignore it?

After all, most of God’s people did not expect Messiah to come humbly and as a baby. So they didn’t believe God had worked.

If God doesn’t work the way you expect, ask or demand do you doubt God?

Wow, the clay telling the Potter how to do it means if the Potter gave in some very weird ceramics would turn out from the wheel!

I see the moon rise and set all the time. I experience God at work all the time. And still clouds dim my vision like the cataract in my eye. Still I wonder if I saw or heard it right.

Nevertheless, thank You God that You work whether I notice it, miss it or just gape in confusion.