And so I am back home, weary, but glad for family time of our extended Thanksgiving Weekend.

We went to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, as well as The Comedy Barn, Parrot Mountain and the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge. The rest of the time, even the hours upon hours of highway travel, were time with family.

The cottage, Applewood Manor

The cottage, Applewood Manor

While away my contract turned into full-time (hooray!) doing a different work, field security. It will unfold well, I am sure.

There’s nothing like the chaos of grandchildren under the same roof to do several things:

1. Smile at my daughters who are getting their returns for what they did to us!
2. Delight in how children view the world;
3. Get caught up with some of the more personal parts of the family life;
4. Meet in-laws;
5. Appreciate the half-chaos of our own life and the little bit of order it sometimes contains.

Now if we like time with family, I cannot help but be reminded God wants time with us, too. After all, we’re family!