Book reviews aren’t my thing, but I just read a book that is one of the best tree shakers I have found. “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore” was published seven years ago, but I just found it a month ago.

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God’s “voice” comes through a character named John. He says things like “I’m always looking for a people who are seeking to follow the Living Christ. He is at the center of their lives, their affections and their conversation. They look to be authentic and free others to
hurt when they hurt, to question what they question and to follow his voice without others accusing them of being divisive or rebellious. I look for people who are not wasting their money on extravagant buildings or flashy programs; where people sitting next to each other are not strangers; and where they all participate as a priesthood to God instead of watch passively from a safe distance.”

The book holds up the First Commandment in a radical and Biblical way. That means it will challenge religious people, people who live for Jesus through religion and those who reject religion and have either found another way to be Church or still search for that.

“When you realize that the routine you’ve stumbled into is not substantially contributing to your desire to know God better, some incredible things can happen. Sitting through the same program week after week wears thin. Aren’t you tired of finding yourself year after year falling to the same temptations, praying the same unanswered prayers and seeing no evidence that you are growing to discern God’s voice with any greater clarity?…Ask him to forgive you for substituting anything for the power of his love…”

The style reads easily. The content goes deep to the heart of Jesus. The spiritual direction can startle even an independent like me.

But beware, it may lead you to know Jesus in such a new way as to undermine all your previous theological thinking.

Try “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore” by Jake Colsen, 2006. [Note that this is a pseudonym for Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman.]