Do you thrill to these big words people have coined? A somnambulist walks in their sleep.

And that’s how too many live. For any number of reasons a person moves along, missing the delights and troubles on the way, and unclear of how they arrived. Wow, boring!

sleepwalking1Have you ever made a mistake (church word is sin)? You do not belong to an exclusive club on that one. “All have fallen short of the target” (Romans 3:23).

Turn life into a big sleep to avoid dealing with these shortfalls and you’ll falsely feel you’re taking the easy route. Easy has a price tag bigger than you think.

Picture this: It’s winter. The window is stuck open. The north wind furiously flows into your house. Somna-thinking would decide to turn away from the window, leave in defeat, and freeze. How ridiculous is that?

Close the window. If you break a nail doing that, so be it. If you smash the window and have to repair it, fine. If you need a carpenter (that’s for my brother) hire one. But keep the blasting wind out of the house.

nopew (aka David, Journal, 2009, Part 3)