As soon as we seek explanation of God or faith we put the object of our analysis at arm’s length. Our curiosity becomes the motivating principle instead of love.

Peach Skies (Photo Credit: The Bottom of a Bottle - blog)

Peach Skies (Photo Credit: The Bottom of a Bottle – blog)

If you ask me why the sun rises I can give an explanation. To an astronomer it will be truncated and inaccurate. To my grandchildren it will be too long and scientific. So – skip the curiosity and go straight to experience!

If you have eyes experience the colour of the sunrise. Experience the start of the day as people begin to move about. In our part of the country feel the breeze begin to blow as the sun rises. But in all of this experience what it does to you and the world around you.

So with God. I can explain many things and share what smart people have written about God.

So what?

All of it will be an arm’s length description to you. Just as surely as the description of a carnival ride in words and pictures cannot compare to riding it, so discussing God or arguing doctrine cannot come even close to what God really is.

Let me explain something, experience the real ride when the Son rises in your heart.