Most of my adult life I have had Moses in a Boat.

No, I’m not talking about either a resurrected Moses nor a reincarnated Moses. I refer to a plant.

It’s easy to grow, multiply and care for. It’s purple foliage is most attractive. The inconspicuous flowers (small white blooms in an open pod, which looks like Moses in his reed boat) are delightful nonetheless.

A patch of Moses in a Boat at Yaxha ruins in Guatemala

A patch of Moses in a Boat at Yaxha ruins in Guatemala

But in Belize and Guatemala the plant grows wild. It covers areas, growing on top of ruins and along pathways. It really is fascinating.

Here in Ontario it survives only as a houseplant. In it’s natural state it grows without limits.

Now if you have been keeping Jesus like a houseplant (or pet), making sure things don’t get out of hand, consider what Christ could do in the natural state of the spiritual realm.

Without limits!

Who “controls” your spirituality? Rules and traditions and habits and religious peer pressure, or Creator?

Maybe you should start growing prolifically.

Giving up all your personal opinions and religious ideals and nostalgia seems scary. And it will lead to a life that is not so easy, but it is the life Paraclete takes any willing soul on.

And it grows in the tough places, the hot places, the out-of-the-way places. It looks beaten up and weary at times, while in others it shows fresh and vibrant.

But if you want the peace that holds you up and joy that resides deep in your soul and a comfort that amazes you at every turn, then give control to the Creator.

“Then God’s peace, which goes beyond anything we can imagine, will guard your thoughts and emotions through Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7 God’s Word).