Okay, so I stand corrected. Without wanting to sound indiscreet, something that happens in public washrooms has bugged me.

Now, we don’t talk about such things, and that’s the problem it turns out.

It bugs me when men unbuckle their belt and pull down the front of their trousers to use the…um…well, the urinal.

This came up in a conversation with my adult nephew. He looked puzzled. You see, he thought that was how it was done!

As we talked I realized that some men’s underwear come designed without a fly. I wouldn’t know, because I have always operated in practicality, not fashion. Then the issue of buttoned trouser flies came into it as well.

I'm sorry, Jesus...

I’m sorry, Jesus…

Well, I stand corrected. I thought these guys were just showing off or acting macho or something. I was wrong. For some this is the only way to deal with, you know, the function.

My point is twofold here.

First, I fall short of perfection, and I stand convicted of making a conclusion without examining the details, so to speak.

The other is, topics undiscussed increase the possibility of misunderstanding.

In the Old Testament justice happened at the city gate. No in camera meetings. No facts withheld to protect the uncharged guilty. No summary of proceedings. Justice happened out in the open for all to see, participate, and everyone got the same story. When someone was found guilty or innocent the whole community knew why. If property was sold everyone knew it.

This terrifies modern western culture. We don’t want to stand responsible. Pass the buck (or in Canada, the loonie). We have become too lazy to see justice done. We hire mercenaries (lawyers, pastors, committee members) to do OUR work. So we sin twice. No, three times, because we judge our mercenaries for the work they do.

So, when you blow it, confess it. And we all make mistakes (Romans 3:23 and Isaiah 53:6). That includes your laziness, sin of misjudgment and culture-driven processes that supercede faithful ministry to honour God.

No issue is too small to discuss, no sin too small to ignore, even what we think of clothing operation for personal functions.