Today Easter arrives.

I pray that anyone who reads this will find the life the resurrected Saviour has for you.

I pray you and those you love will have a blessed time, hopefully together.

empty_tomb_104This Easter we will share with only one of our daughters and her family – people sparse, but a day of hope anyway.

This blog has been a resurrection for me. Bumped from written newspaper I have a new medium to communicate. Since it is interactive, I have also found a growing community of spiritual people to inspire me and hold me to account.

It presents a challenge, because my work keeps me out of social circulation until my days off come. I follow so many blogs now that I struggle to keep up with the reading and dialogue.

And now it becomes more difficult as the yard work on our half acre town lot has started: 17 flowerbeds, vegetable garden, fruit (pears, currants [black, red, white], raspberries, blackberries, purple grapes, cherries), and almost completed surrounded by privet hedge, not to mention the lawn (including a stretch along the railway that I keep clean).

I’m not complaining, though as we age it gets harder to keep up.

I’m happy for what I have, humbled by it and grateful beyond words for the peace of Christ in which I get to live.

Live, because Jesus lives – again!