This is Holy Week. That seems a good time to look at how Jesus challenged followers to live. While we sometimes claim to be humble, Jesus expected something else.

While we won’t admit to it, most (all?) people put other people into people categories based on their status or importance.jesus_feet2

Today some people will attend a service which will include foot washing. They think they follow the example of Jesus in this, but they don’t.

The story goes like this, “After Jesus had washed their feet and put on his outer clothes, he took his place at the table again. Then he asked his disciples, “Do you understand what I’ve done for you? You call me teacher and Lord, and you’re right because that’s what I am. So if I, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you must wash each other’s feet. I’ve given you an example that you should follow. I can guarantee this truth: Slaves are not superior to their owners, and messengers are not superior to the people who send them. If you understand all of this, you are blessed whenever you follow my example” (John 13:12-17 God’s Word).

Now, to follow the example of Jesus has nothing to do with a basin of water. It has to with the part that if Jesus, the Big Boss, willingly chooses to do the job of the lowest slave, human leaders must do the same.

5040034-jesus-christ-statue-in-crossPastors who demand members submit to their authority sin. People who demand obedience from others for reason of status sin. Those who submit to human religious authority without discerning its spiritual context sin.

So get off the stage, get out of the centre of attention, and anonymously visit the sick and those in jail. Give credit to those who do their job faithfully. Thank garbage collectors and janitors, and help them or make their work easier.

If you won’t work in the sewers with the sanitation experts you are nothing more than a floating blob in a sewer of your own conceit.

Turn your conceited spirit inside out and upside down and re-shape it into the form of Jesus behaviour.

Make every week holy, just as God is holy.