Well, Spring has aged two days. Last night it snowed enough to cover the ground and the car and the roads. So I went out to look at the snowdrops.

SNOWDROPSMAR21aMostly covered with the snow the little plants looked brave despite their bland and fragile appearance as I gazed down on them.

The tiny white of the buds caught my eye, but this time I looked intently at the flower-life about to erupt. I couldn’t see much.

So I got down on my stomach, and lying flat on my face a treat to the eyes and the gardener’s soul stared at me.

Yes, indeed. When a Christian lives standing up, towering over the fragile believer who does all that God calls them to do, pride can blind the eyes to the truth and beauty blooming in front of us. That stander-up moves quickly, not taking the time to respect and revel in the courage and accomplishment of the unimportant “little one”.
Not much wonder Jesus spent so much time with the unimportant-margin-living-struggling-diseased-and-outcast people. Through the dirt and smell and rough edges and pain Jesus saw a wondrous beauty – the image of Creator (Genesis 1:26)!

The front line of faith draws the faithful onto their belly, not to feast or sleep, but to meet “one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant {they seemed}” (Matthew 25:40, 45 God’s Word). “There are neither Jews nor Greeks, slaves nor free people, males nor females. You are all the same in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28 God’s Word).

Only flat on your face before Jesus and the seemingly “unimportant” do you climb to the heights of spiritual service. At least, that is what I hear the snowdrops saying.