I just came upon a news item from AFP. In Britain an atheist gathering, dubbed a “Godless Church”, meets once a month. They call themselves “Sunday Assembly”.

And what do they do?

church-x-singingThey sing, listen to speeches, are encouraged to live better and help others.

Well, just looking in no one could observe anything different from a Christian Church.

My, my that leads to all kinds of things.

It is an historical fact that some groups, calling themselves Christian Churches, are actually Godless, worshipping a leader, a denomination, their doctrine. They serve as a vicious army attacking with contempt all who disagree. No love. No God. No compassion. No service to the “poor, orphan or widow”.

people-laughingThe “Sunday Assembly” has learned that some of the traditions of liturgy and worship of God have great value. Upbeat music, inspiring teaching, humour, connection to other humans and  encouragement toward a high moral form of living all have a place in Christianity.

It also shows how the sacred word “Church” has long ago stopped meaning the “Body of Christ” and been transposed to buildings, form and organization. Even the word “Assembly”, which many Christians use to replace that word, has been kidnapped.

But I can’t be harsh, because such a gathering is such a pleasant change from the contemptuous, hate-mongering neo-atheists. It shows the value of connecting with people and how doctrinal domination can interfere with the God-given usefulness of singing and teaching and laughing all together with others in the same place.

And does the love these 400 people show to each other show that God is actually present and at work among them?