Dear Jesus, help me.

I can say to those who do not follow You that I love them (and it is even true when I say it – when I can’t I reach for the level of being polite), but how far do I go in offering them the invitation to become part of the spiritual family of God (rather than just the creation family of God)?

Or am I just being too human? After all, no invitation I give will actually be the turning point; only Paraclete can influence someone to the point of the transformation. Yet, we are to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).

So, in spite of me, if not because of me, may people encounter Paraclete through me. May my heart be open to them and the working of Paraclete.

I know that my mission for You is as a planter of seeds. And you know that some days I long for harvest. Keep me on track to your larger purpose. Overlook my impatience, my need for affirming results and the times I wish my call included something else or more.

So let me plant the seed you place in my hand. Let me aim it as straight as I can, and when I throw it crooked, please use the miracles of Your power and get it to where it belongs – on target and on time.

And keep my heart alert to hold up in prayer those You seek to save. Keep me focussed on You rather than my wishes.

“For the kingdom, the power and the glory are Yours, forever. AMEN”