Oxymoron is a neat word. From two Greek words meaning “chaff” and “foolish” it pretty much means worthless nonsense.

Here’s some oxymorons that struck me today:

  1. 12774608crucifixdrive-through liquor sales;
  2. a special label in the Thermos bottle I just got = CAUTION: Do not use for hot beverages;
  3. sign that reads “keep door closed” (so how do you get through the doorway?);
  4. touchless carwash that touches the car with big “rags”;
  5. car parts guaranteed for life (until you don’t own the car any more);
  6. the most up-to-date technology, that goes out of date in a couple of months;
  7. service contract that has so many exemptions and provisos that you never get any service;
  8. the golden years, when you have less gold and are left only with more years;
  9. a crucifix with the risen Christ still on the cross;
  10. Sunday services in which no one is served and no one serves (except maybe for coffee hour?).

May my life never be an oxymoron.

As a follower of Jesus may I follow. As a servant of Jesus Christ may I serve. As a disciple of The Way may I be disciplined. As the light of the world as a candle may I light the way to The Way (Matthew 5:14-16). As a sinner saved by grace may I be gracious to sinners.

From “Frost Bite” – My faith is not shallow, for I have been rescued from the deep. ~ Wendy