I’ve decided heaven will have no computers. I further come to the conclusion that computers may well be the anti-Christ.

Last night my computer hard-drive crashed. The message came up to do a system diagnosis. I have a netbook, kind of a half-computer. The message said to press the F2 key to start the diagnosis. My computer keyboard has NO F-keys!


English: Diagram of a computer hard disk drive

Diagram of a computer hard disk drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So I pushed “enter” to do a restart. The message came up to insert a boot up disk. My netbook had no disk drive!

So I turned it off and back on. The message came up “no bootable device”. Well, what’s this in my hands?!

So my wife took it into the store (where I bought an extended warranty) to get help. Being in the first year (first year!) of the warranty it belongs to the manufacturer, not the retailer! So I have to phone the company.

I’m glad God has no hard-drive, never has a power failure and never loses data.

That much, at least, computes.