To what will I compare the spiritual life?

Our vegetable garden just after weeding, June 30, 2012

A child played in the dirt. She planted seeds and watered them, enjoying the mudpies that were a side product. She smelled the flowers on the peas and sighed deeply. When the sun came out she delighted in the brightness and warmth. The breeze reminded her to put out some whirlygigs to spin merrily.

When the gardener came he said, “My, what a lovely garden. You have worked hard.”

The child sat speechless as they shared a handful of peas. Finally she said, “I was just having fun.”

To what will I compare the religious life?

An adult went to the garden and noticed it was a mess. He levelled it and trimmed the edges. He got out stakes and aligned them perfectly. Next he sorted the seeds, setting some aside that didn’t look like the others. Next holes were dug into the ground, planning to plant the seeds carefully according to the tradition passed on for generations.

When the gardener came he said, “How neat and orderly your garden looks. Shall we have some peas?”

The adult replied, “I haven’t had time to plant seeds yet. The ground had to be prepared. The seeds had to be sorted. I had to check with others on the right way to plant, and what day is the best to do it!”

The gardener went away sadly without so much as a nibble of produce.