In five hours the wedding for our youngest daughter will begin.

The last of the three daughters to stand at the altar (as the old saying goes) will close another chapter of parenthood. We like Ryan, and I think he must be good since he likes science fiction TV and movies.

Wedding dress of Elizabeth II

Wedding dress of Elizabeth II, in honour of my daughter who is a royal watcher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bible tells us that Jesus said, “a man will leave his father and mother and will remain united with his wife, and the two will be one” (Matthew 19:5 God’s Word). Well, what about the other side of things?

She has been on her own for many years. So she is not leaving us in that sense. But a wedding takes a person into new territory as a person. I feel strong emotion seeing my daughters in a wedding dress. They make me proud for what they have accomplished. I feel lucky that they care about their parents and show it. I like all of my sons-in-law for many reasons.

But now I will be Father and Father-in-law in a new way, no longer THE man in any of their lives, but just Dad. I really am okay with that. I have had no trouble letting our daughters grow up, especially when they have done it so well.

In no way is the house my wife and I live in their home any more. It’s our home where family comes, but it is not their home. That feels a little funny.

Family is very important to us, and so it is delightful to have as many family as can make it to be at this event. It seems the extended family only get together for weddings and funerals. Right now I am really glad it is a wedding.

It makes me wonder if God is at all delighted when one of the Family grow up a little, mature in faith a little, and enter into a new adventure or path because they are now ready to do so?

Well, God does love us. I love my family deeply, so deeply. But my love looks like mere acquaintance when compared to how much God cares for us and loves us.

Everything can remind us of the wonder that “Jesus loves even me”.

So I will cry a little, be delighted a lot, and revel in having my family around me this weekend.

Thank you, Jesus. This gift of time and event truly makes my heart and soul sing.