Today is special. Although it all started a little longer ago than this, it officially began 35 years ago on this date, at noon.

We just looked through our photo album of the event. So many of the people no longer walk this earth with us. And we look so differently!


I guess a lot of people who knew us thought we were totally naive and actually assumed the worst. Well, we were naive, but fortunately some of it relates to the most important thing of all.

We believed, without question, doubt or rational explanation, that God was at work. We followed that belief blindly, with high optimism.

Now we look back at that. In hindsight those doubters had it wrong. In this particular case we stood on the right side of the Divine Will.

Now, don’t take it wrong. There have been very tough times, too many for human liking. The good times have been sometimes unspeakably awesome. When all things sit in a balance the Great Creator has been there through everything, and leads us still.

We’ve lost friends and made friends. We’ve met some truly malicious and sick people who purposefully made every effort to destroy us. One could say, despite their best efforts, and lots of collateral damage, that they failed. God does not prevent trouble in this world which continues according to the love of its Creator whose respect for the creation extends even to letting choices happen, good and bad, because to force only one course would be abusive and contemptuous of the right to choose. What God does, however, is hang in there with those who choose Jesus, weeping with them, rejoicing with them, holding them and guiding them. God even leaves it to us to accept that compassion or not. We have accepted it, and live with a peace that transcends what happens in this life.

Ups and downs. Sometimes even sideways! Life has thrown curves and granted blessings.


So what have we to show for 35 years? A house, a car, three daughters, five grandchildren, and each other. And a permanent friendship with Jesus.

Yes. It is our wedding anniversary.

And what do I find so amazing? I can’t believe that I actually love Margaret more today than I did 35 years ago. And why is that amazing? When I saw her, as bride, approach me, as groom, on the lawn where we held the ceremony, tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was that we were going to marry.

And Jesus loves us even more than that!