Last night we attended another concert by the Allen Family. They entertain, but present a powerful message of knowing Jesus and serving the One Who Saves.

The Allen Family

I find it intriguing that a local Baptist church (one of three in our town of 10,000 people) sponsors this family ministry to come to town. Why? Because the gospel message the Allens give explicitly says that baptism, church membership and so on can produce an external appearance of spirituality, but the real thing is found only in Jesus directly and undiluted. Todd Allen is a Baptist in human affiliation, by the way.

I also find it intriguing that the concerts are not fund-raisers. The tickets pay for the meal. An offering goes completely to the Allen Family. Maybe there’s hope.

The Allen Family have begun mission trips, and plan to start a ministry in Uganda. The family of ten leads a lifestyle that differs from the “dream” of western culture, especially the American dream.

I commend them for their message, their talent on stage and the extent of their willingness to follow Jesus.

Sadly I find it a rare thing, people who submit only to Jesus, who sacrifice a “normal” life of consumerism to serve the Saviour and have a joy doing it.

I offer my respect to all those who serve only one Boss.

“An employee cannot serve two bosses. Either the employee will hate the first boss and have godly love for the second, or will be devoted to the first and despise the second. You cannot serve both God and worldly finances” (Luke 16:13 my translation).