Sometimes we just want to share our prayer life with someone. Very recently (today July 14, 2012!) this came clearly to me as I awakened. So I want to make this possible, for me and you.

I have added a page on the right side on which prayer requests can be made. Or you can pray for those on the list.

Jesus in Pray

Jesus in Prayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I ask that if you wish to use the list, please follow these three rules:

1 – use initials only for the person’s name;

2 – provide only a minimum of details as we must avoid gossip;

3 – and if God solves the problem let me know so the list stays up-to-date.



I have set up an email account for this project :

To provide a way to clarify what prayer request concerns us please use one of these three Categories:

1. For Salvation of someone who has not yet found their way into accepting the love of Jesus

2. For Endurance for Christians who presently experience persecution or great stress of any kind

3. For the restoration of Christians who have fallen away from complete obedience to Jesus Christ, who is our first love