Life is good. I drove to work with a full tank of gas, clean windshield, air-conditioning on, a full coffee mug, listening to a Mozart symphony on the radio.

I have a job, and yet I went a stretch of nearly two weeks without a shift. So that feels good.

I had forgotten that we had visited one of our daughters and family and the gas hadn’t been checked, but it didn’t go dry before the refill.

This time of year the death toll of bugs on the windshield borders on massacre. Worse, without rain the dust blows everywhere and the visibility factor had reduced, front and  back. So I got a good clean at the gas station.

With the temperature at 32C plus humidex the drive with cool air flowing comes close to grand.

Now I do not count myself in the coffee addict class because I drink it for the caffeine to help manage the night shift, but today the beverage had a special pleasure for some reason.

I don’t listen to the radio much any more, but finding Mozart on Detroit’s public radio (yes, I am a Canadian who lives near the border with the United States) seemed like the cherry on top of a wonderful experience.

Life sometimes throws enough manure to fertilize a large farm. God, however, grants moments of delight in the midst of the war against evil.

My gratitude needed sharing with anyone who will listen. Once in awhile the best spiritual proclamation resounds to the melody “God is so good…so good to me.