Do you know what you’re doing?

Have you ever asked that? Who has asked the question of you?

Well, I was supposed to work certain days last week. That was cancelled, but given a different shift, plus two shifts this week, but not my expected rotation. Tonight as I prepared to go out the door to work I got a call that the shift had been cancelled. Tomorrow I should be working, as scheduled.

Now I feel sorry for my supervisor; it must be frustrating for him as well when things keep changing. He has a whole crew to figure out.

So I thought I knew what I was doing. But that changed.

Now over time as a servant of the Almighty and Holy God it has become normal for plans to change. Sometimes the changes constitute such a small variance that it matters little. At other times the disruption grows until it irritates, at least a little. And then The Spirit (Paraclete) has, at times, made such a dramatic alteration as to take the wind right out of the sails of my little boat.

A slave cannot expect to sit in on decisions as the Boss makes them. Nor can a mere servant feel put out when the Boss doesn’t ask permission to move in a certain direction. And any employee who gets in a snit because the Boss doesn’t ask advice doesn’t know their place.

I live and move and have my being in the Ruler of the Universe (Acts 17:28). My peace deep within, though at times shaken, but never erased, rests in my faith that:

The Boss knows how to conduct the business of the Holy Empire;
The Boss has a part for me to play and expects me to jump to it when the orders come down;
The Boss has a wider circle of concerns that my small personal parish.

I am NOT the Boss. How arrogant, perhaps even evil, if I should make decisions that affect how another person serves Jesus the Christ.

There is One Boss. I am not it. You are not it. But sometimes religious people stop God’s plan. If you had a part, actively or passively, in hindering the work of Paraclete in the Spiritual Empire through a servant of the Most High, reconciliation must rise to the top of your “Bucket List”.

Maybe you’re the one whose mission has been limited, or completely derailed, by a Board, Association, Committee. If you can’t follow Plan A, then throw yourself into Plan B. If that gets stopped, serve God in Plan C.

Never give up. Never repay evil for evil. As a servant, the job facing you is, well, whatever the Boss wants. And whatever work the Boss wants, the Boss will back you up. God never shuns, exiles, betrays or falsely accuses any slave of the cross.

But if you want to be the boss, well…