Do you greet each day with anticipation?

On that first Easter morning the disciples were filled with grief. Sure, Jesus had told them that after three days death would be defeated. But surrounded by grief intellect does not rule the day. So they entered the day assuming defeat, again.

The women went to the tomb to finish the burial ceremony which had been cut short on the day Jesus died. It was women who found the empty tomb. The messenger spoke to the women. The women then went to tell the rest of the team.

The men did not believe. They went to experience it themselves, to confirm what the women said. Their lack of trust was the same as calling the women liars. Yet it shows that no matter how good the messenger may be, people must experience the resurrected Saviour personally, in some way at some time.

So, do you greet everyday like Easter Day, when you have experienced “He’s Alive!”? Or are you stuck in the grief of how unfair life proves itself to you?

In some ways I am an expert at how unfair life is. I have walked with people as they struggle through injustice inflicted on them. I have experienced unfairness, perpetrated almost always by “church”. And so I have earned the right to complain.

Except that, Jesus did not die to give me the right to complain about life. Christ did not rise again to give me the right to drag my way through each day in hope that heaven might be real.

Jesus came, lived, and sacrificed to lead us to abundance of life (John 10:10b). So Jesus came to give us the right to be at peace, deep in our souls and everyday.

“Then God’s peace, which goes beyond anything we can imagine, will guard your thoughts and emotions through Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7 God’s Word)

What a day that will be when any person trades their rights for the life of peace in the arms of Creator.

Jesus was tortured and crucified, but rose again. I have been abused, used as a scapegoat and misused by religious leaders, but in Jesus I will not stay in the tomb. I will arise with Jesus Christ.

They may take away my voice from pulpit, and then printed newspaper, but I arise on the internet. Everyday life with Jesus takes me onward. For me it is not wherever God leads, but however God leads for mission to happen.

Live like resurrection. Don’t be stopped by crucifiers.