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I count JS as a Blogland friend, and this from his newest book is a wonderful modern take on the Great Commandments as Jesus taught!

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A Different Flash Mob

Detroit Mass Mob fills pews in struggling churches

By The Canadian Press on October 24, 2014 Read more…

I’m a Salt Shaker

Have you ever felt like a salt shaker? You know, passed around, never left alone, even turned upside down. Read more…

Canada Under Attack?

So we are listening to the news. For the second time this week members of Canada’s military have been targeted. Read more…

Now is the Time

“Since we are God’s coworkers, we urge you not to let God’s kindness be wasted on you. Read more…


On this Thanksgiving day (in Canada) we think of food, home and family. We think of these as needs. Read more…


“Am I the kind of person other people know they can trust? And do they trust me – not because I’m clever at winning their confidence, but because I actually behave in trustworthy ways? ‘Save me, O LORD, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues [Psalm 120:2].’ “

John Ortberg in “When the Game is Over It All Goes Back in the Box”, 2007, page 112.


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