God’s Mercy Again

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Street Preaching & Something the Devil Doesn’t Want You to Know


This reminder needs to sink deeply into our souls; GREATER is the One Who is in us, than the one who is in the world!!! Peace

Originally posted on Grace and Truth:

IMG_4333[1]I’ve just come back after preaching on the city streets this morning with two other ladies.  The thing that has impressed me most is this : there is power and authority in the Name of Jesus Christ.

The devil knows it.  But he doesn’t want us to know it.

The devil was trembling and tried everything to stop us going in today. He wasn’t fearful of us.  He was fearful of the gospel being preached in the power of The Name.  I had horrible nightmares last night, two ladies who were supposed to come with us got sick, the road into the city was literally blocked and our usual car park closed off.

Within minutes of being there one of the young ladies with me was reduced to tears after a conversation with someone.

I knew it was the devil trying his hardest to stop this girl from preaching the gospel. …

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Helpless, But Not Hopeless

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Jesus Is Real – Religion Is Not

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Saved From

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Another Model Gone

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