I reject the doctrine of the Trinity. But there is a good reason.

Doctrine results from humans thinking, debating, sometimes even going to war. Doctrine determines one’s acceptability – to the institutional Christian religion. It says nothing about your relationship with Jesus.

GodIsLoveHowever, I experience God in ways that connect to this theory. Theory is useless; relationship counts.

So for me the Trinity is the bigness of God interacting with the smallness of me (or any human).

My own unity has parts. I am body and I have life and interpret the world around me. As a human I function in different ways: as husband, Father and employee, for example. In many ways I behave differently depending upon the role I fulfil.

Now, I experience God doing many things for me and at work in the world.

Jesus saved me. Paraclete counsels me. Creator is active in the world even still. I experience all this as God. But if God dealt with me as the entire Divine Person I would be so overwhelmed as to die.

It would be a challenging exercise to give an intellectually satisfying explanation of the doctrine of Trinity. Better to experience God, for real rather than doctrine, and live rather than subscribe to a belief system.

The Bible clearly teaches what God is. God is deep, compassionate kindness (love). This litmus test protects against false gods, demons, cult leaders, fakes, frauds, and antichrists.

Start with God. Live with God. In the end it is only God that acts like God.

That is an experience worth searching for and living.