On Friday I had a bit of unusual fun. One of my Grandsons asked his teacher to invite me to class.

One of the towers being erected at one of the wind farms I worked.

One of the towers being erected at one of the wind farms I worked.

They had been studying wind turbines. In my work I have done security at three different wind farms during construction. He thought I would have something to contribute.

So I dressed up in uniform to show that I did not make wind turbines and towers. I did not move them. I did not put them up. My job was to prevent people from stealing wire and tools or vandalizing machinery.

Of course, in doing that we, as security, learn a great deal about the workings of the wind farms, so I figured I would have some close-up experiences that would be hard to find elsewhere.

So I came. I had a few interesting things to say.

But most of the time was filled by their questions. They were non-stop. That was fun.

So I was myself, with lots of humour and showing them the sizes of things based on what was in the classroom or the whole school.

No, it wasn’t a spiritual event. I didn’t preach about John 3:16. I just had fun.

And it was worth it just to watch my Grandson’s glowing face, knowing I didn’t disappoint him.

It will probably never happen again.

But it was fun.

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