In my line of work one has to learn not to take the negative personally.

For example, this week I had to remind one of the construction supervisors of the speed limit. Had I not had my hard hat on he would have chewed my head off. Yet the point is my job is to work for a safe and secure site at all times. So, I let it flow off. In this case it had a happy ending (which is not always the result) because after that he drove the speed limit. Perhaps as a supervisor he realized the safety issue.

I was thinking about the account of Elijah. He was devastated by the attacks on him after he defeated the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:20-40, 19:1-18). But God reminded him that when people attack a follower of the Way that their attack is on Creator.

Two things jump out at me on that. One, the compulsion to defend a system I adhere to, or a denomination or whatever is wrong-headed at best. The complaints or attacks go to the top where Jesus takes the negativity very personally.

The other thing that leaps out relates to attitude. If I defend myself or any system I will guarantee my motive is not love for the attacker! I want to justify myself and my loyalties. The argument or conflict must be won – by me!

Instead, my heart and soul should fall in grief and pray for the person (or people) who attack God, ignorant of the consequences.

Jesus died to save the very people who tortured him, lied about him, mocked the holy name of the Messiah, who murdered him without due process or true crime, the only excuse for their venom being that Jesus taught the truth without compromise or cultural dilution.

Kinda makes a person think – hard.